The Browatt brand has reached a constant price and quality because its price and quality has not changed during the supply in recent years. However, due to the increase of the competitors of such products and also the spread of violations of some Iranian companies, the share of this brand has decreased in the marketing of the products over time. One of the problems the Browatt brand faces in Iraq is “dumping” the products made by some Iranian competitors, inflicting irretrievable losses on the Browatt brand in Iraq.


New Metal Plastic Air Conditioner

  • Equipped with plastic vents which increase cooling power and are rust-proof
  • Equipped with two water pumps in order to increase water pumping, which leads to more cooling power.
  • Higher product air outflow
  • Features a 1/4 electrogen electric motor with a capacitor


Plastic Air Conditioner

  • Equipped with a digital touch screen and remote control in order to control the level of air outflow and water flow
  • Features a cellulose pad which absorbs more moisture
  • Equipped with a smart remote control
  • Equipped with smart and controllable blades


Energy Efficiency

The Browatt brand has always focused on trying to design and offer its products based on the principle of reducing energy consumption.

Cooling Products

Manufacturing efficient cooling products is one of the main objectives that is being followed by the Browatt Company which offers a wide variety of products to meet customer demands.

Heating Products

Regarding the field of heating and water-heaters, our products have been able to attract the attention of consumers during these past years and have also led to customer satisfaction in both product diversity and high quality.

A New Experience of Peace & Comfort Alongside Your Family

Keeping in mind & paying close attention to customer needs and creating diversity in the manufactured products.


The Browatt brand has managed to achieve numerous international standards in the field of manufacturing cooling and heating products through offering a wide variety of products.